New Product Launched: 2-Factor Authentication

Everyone knows by now that SMS is not a secure way to do 2-Factor Authentication, as your phone number can be hijacked, and sending a plain text PIN across 2 different networks increase the risk of interceptions. Many banks resolved those issues by providing an electronic device that generates a PIN. This alternative brings its own issues though. For example if you are traveling somewhere and forget your PIN generator, or lose it, you could be stranded for many days. And it’s not going to be cheap to replace it since they cost money to produce and take a while to ship. Many companies do not want to deal with such sensitive inventory management either. There are also many solutions based on biometrics and artificial intelligence which provide simplicity but with a huge negative; if compromised, they cannot be replaced and forcing you to use an alternative. We’ve seen some big company come out with free mobile application to help you with your 2FA but their goal is to track you down in order to stick Ads in your face. They don’t care about your privacy.

Welcome PasswordWrench’s newest product to the family. Our 2FA allows enterprises to provide a secure 2-Factor Authentication within their system. Our technologies allow any website to offer 2FA without asking their customers to install a mobile application, and without the need to send a text message (SMS). Also, there is no digital PIN devices associated with our solution. PasswordWrench’s 2-Factor Authentication makes it easy to adopt by all users while advancing security to the next level. And did we mention it’s no more costly than any current 2FA solution out there, and significantly less costly than the PIN devices.

Our solution resolves the issues brought by SMS, PIN generators, biometrics/AI, while still offering the highest level of security. Your customers do not need to install a mobile application. In fact, they don’t even need a mobile device at all. How? By using the same Password Card technologies that make it easy for consumers and enterprises to manage their passwords safely. Anyone can replace their Password Cards at any time, and at no extra cost. It’s a renewable technology. You won’t be stranded, and PasswordWrench stays true to its mission – where security and privacy comes first. We still use all the top level security tools at every juncture of the process. The difference is that we free up the user from being reliant on unsecure or costly solutions.

Ready to give this to your development team or tech support to integrate? We have provided an API and SDKs written in JavaScript, PHP, Java, and .NET that allows any developer to integrate our technologies. And of course, we’re always here to help you get started.

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PasswordWrench Launches the Only Truly Secure Password Protector

November 15th, 2016 – PasswordWrenchTM today announced the launch of its patent-pending password management solution which protects individuals’ and corporations confidential information, reducing online identity theft. PasswordWrench offers a unique secure password manager system that helps users create and recall complex passwords, making it nearly impossible for criminals to hack information.

Currently, over 15 million people in the U.S. have their identities stolen each year and with recent hacks into Yahoo!, Dropbox, LinkedIn and other major databases, this number continues to grow, leaving over 100 million people’s information vulnerable. Globally, Kaspersky Labs has estimated that over 1.8 billion accounts have been compromised.

“Hackers accessed personal information from at least half a billion Yahoo! accounts, and users had to change their passwords immediately. Increased identity and database hacks have left corporations and individuals more vulnerable than ever,” says Patrick Tardif, founder of PasswordWrench. “We are all susceptible to threats—anything from a hacker uncovering a user’s passwords at a coffee-shop, to stealing their on-line identity, to hacking corporate sites’ confidential information. PasswordWrench mitigates that risk and keeps digital data safer than any other system available.”

Typical password management solutions store passwords in the cloud and when systems are penetrated, hackers can gain access to sensitive information, including client email addresses, password reminders and encrypted versions of master passwords.

PasswordWrench is different from other password managers as it never stores users’ managed passwords; therefore, passwords are not vulnerable to hackers. PasswordWrench believes the best way to keep passwords truly secure is not to share them with ANY third party, including a password manager system. PasswordWrench digitally generates a password card with random letters, symbols and numbers. Users are then guided to recall these complex passwords without PasswordWrench storing the actual passwords online.  This unique program is the safest way to manage passwords without having to remember strings of random characters or upload passwords to third-party websites. For additional protection, users can download a physical copy of the password card or easily access their cards online.  

The PasswordWrench system protects against:

1) weak password threats

2) keylogger threats

3) hidden camera threats

4) insider threats

5) guesswork/brute-force threats.

Additionally, PasswordWrench employs top security protocols by encrypting all data in its database, across all communication channels, and all data delivered to the end browser and then, PasswordWrench sets everything behind firewalls. PasswordWrench uses top-level encryption technologies including AES 256 bits, RSA, SSL/TLS and more.

PasswordWrench is currently available and offer a free plan to individuals, with a range of packages offered to corporate enterprises at:

About PasswordWrench

PasswordWrench is an innovative password management solution created to keep online data safe for individuals and business enterprises. The PasswordWrench system offers heightened password protection without the vulnerabilities of common password management systems. The company utilizes top security encryption technologies, which allows users to easily create and remember complex passwords for superior password protection. For more information, visit: