Are you ready for what's already looking to be an exciting year? We are! First, work. More than ever, employees have been working from home and many will remain there due to necessity and many by choice as more and more businesses embrace remote work. Technologies will help to facilitate this telecommuting work model transition, and for many the quality of life will improve. For every company, it's even more important now to ensure that anyone accessing the corporate systems is educated and aware of the increasing security threats. At PasswordWrench, we are proud to provide the best password management system that exists on the market - a tool that does not steal your passwords since no passwords are recorded. We continue working hard to devise simple solutions that resolve huge problems.

Everyone has, on average, over critical 40 passwords to manage. Our expert recommendation is NOT to use tools of convenience that record them, such as in the browser, e.g. Google Chrome, or other password managers that auto-log you into systems, and we also recommend that you use a unique password for every site. It's also important to keep changing them regularly. If you have difficulty in remembering them and coming up with complex ones that are difficult to guess by hackers while still conforming to a site's minimum password requirements, our password manager is there for you.

There is a lot of noise lately about technologies that want to eliminate passwords, creating a "password-less" world. We are advised in the strongest terms to heed caution about these bright, shiny new things. Any authentication must go through some type of validation, and in a password-less approach, the validation is handled by the password-less provider. This means that they are now in total control of your authentication, and they can decide whether you should have access or not. In a normal password login approach, the validation is handled directly by the service provider that you want to use. It's also important to note that all "password-less technologies" are no more than a 2FA or a MFA technology without the initial username/password factor authentication. We provide a 2FA solution that can be converted to a password-less solution if you absolutely require it, but we do not recommend any password-less approach.

The highest recommended method for authenticating into any system is by using a password, something you know, combined with a 2FA method, which is something you have. The password protects you against any external validation provider that could deny you access wrongfully, while the 2FA protects you against someone that could know or record your password. If you keep changing them on a regular basis, and make sure that they are unique and complex, the need to add a 2FA also decreases significantly.

We are working to find simple solutions to all these threats, and would be happy to demo our products to you at your convenience. Schedule a demo using our calendar:

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