Updates to Version 3.1

Our latest update has even more security and privacy features for advanced users or anyone who’s serious about security online and any user protecting the most sensitive information.

The first update revolves around the display of the Password Card. In previous versions, when a Password Card is created, the characters are displayed on a grid which is what defined the Password Card. Some of our users mentioned they’d like to see a feature or setting so that the characters would be hidden by default to increase security. So we listened and implemented this feature through an optional Rules Policy that you can define and manage within your Settings.

When the option “Disable Displaying Characters on Password Card” is enabled, the Password Card will not show the characters on the grid by default.

Next, we also incorporated this feature into our publicly available Password Assistant. For many of our users, the Assistant is the most secure way of protecting their master passwords using our technologies. They will be able to take advantage of this new feature. This will especially be useful when anyone needs to log in from an external environment not under their control, or during a presentation when many viewers might be able to see the Password Cards.

Some of our more hard-core security users mentioned that they would prefer the “Highlight” feature be disabled by default, so we added an option for that in the Settings under the Rules Policies.

And saving the best for last, the new Stealth mode helps to avoid all visual cues. Sometimes you might want to select certain columns and/or rows to construct your passwords using the Password Card editor, but you do not want people to know where you click on the Password Card or any visual cue on the monitor in case someone is looking at your monitor or your moves could be captured on camera. A good example of this is again if you are giving a group presentation or webinar or the like. The password is constructed, but the password field is not shown. You can of course disabled the stealth mode and/or show the password field at any time in your Settings.

We hope you will enjoy using these new security features to keep your passwords and log-ins secure. Feel free to reach out to us at any time with additional features or functionality you’d like to see in PasswordWrench.


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