PasswordWrench Password Manager Version 2.0

Today PasswordWrench launched our version 2.0 of our Password Manager. We have added several features intended to give our users more security and more options on how they can use our services.

First, we added an audit log for all paid subscriptions. You will be able to know when you logged in/out and monitor other actions on the account. This is an important feature because many accounts on the web gets hijacked without the knowledge of the user because they cannot see someone else logged in and impersonates them to access their account. With this feature, if someone does that, you will see it and you can take action.

Second, we now provide dual-authentication. We are not following the pack as SMS is still unsecure. We instead created a new system using our own Password Card approach. Just simply create a Password Card, print it or download the PNG, and you will use that as your dual authentication PINs. It’s simple, fast and easy. Even better, it does NOT rely on a third party carrier.

Next, you can now share passwords with other people. Sometimes you have an account you are sharing with your spouse, your child, or with colleagues at work, etc. and you want to keep those passwords safe. With the shared password tools, you will be able to use, manage, and share strong passwords. There is no more need to share written passwords or files, and you can manage who accesses which password anywhere in a centralized system. It’s very convenient and will eliminate phone calls asking “what is the password?”

We also added several enterprise features that allow any companies to provide to their employees the best and most secure password manager available. Our product helps companies manage their employees and other users along with rule policies. For example, you can group users into departments allowing a distribution of responsibilities. You will be able to set when passwords should be renewed, and when to warn your users about updating their passwords based on your corporate policies.

We are focused on providing the best and most secure products available and working hard to accomplish this mission. We hope you will like these new features and you are welcome to provide us feedback. We listen to our customers!


Patrick Tardif, founder

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